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In t. 1 S., R., 24 W. Town and valley on Colorado River some 50 miles above Yuma. After Spanish name for the Hopi Villages. Post Office Established February 28, 1903, Louis W. Bishop Post Master."

Barnes, Will C. Arizona Place Names University of Arizona Press. 1997 p. 95

"This community on the Colorado River is a recreational center and boat landing. Pior to 1900 it served as the Cibola Boat Landing where river steamers unloaded freight and took on wood for their boilers. Formerly a ferry here crossed the Colorado River to Blythe, California. It is also the site of the old Rhodes Ranch.

In 1957 farmers constructed a bridge to enable them to carry their products across the river. Its construction did not come to public attention until small-boat owners complained that the bridge was too low to permit passage under it. Why this community should be called Cibola is not known. There has been much speculation where the fabled Seven Cities of Cibola were, some conjecturing them to be the Hopi Villages, whereas Luxan names the Zuni pueblo (Cibola or Granada) visited by Espejo in 1583.

Barnes, Will C.; Granger, Byrd (ed.) Arizona's names : X marks the place Falconer Pub. Co. : distributed by Treasure Chest Publications, c1983. P. 151


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