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"Herman Ehrenberg, a graduate of Freyburg University, was a German engineer who came to Arizona with Charles Debrille Poston in 1854. In 1863 Ehrenberg surveyed a town on the Colorado River called Mineral City. Mineral City and Ehrenburg were apparently not identical, but adjacent to each other. Ehrenburg lay between Mineral City and Olive.

In October 1866, Herman Ehrenburg was shot at Dos Palmas, California, on the road to La Paz from San Bernardino. The town bearing his name was established soon thereafter, one reason for its coming into existence undoubtedly being that the Colorado River shifted its course and left La Paz high, dry, and useless as a steamboat shipping point.

In 1870 Ehrenburg had two hundred thirty-three residents and was considered the principal landing for freight to be shipped overland to Prescott. According to Hinton, the town consisted of "one struggling street of Adobe houses facing the river.." All that remains of Ehrenburg today is the old cemetery and the scarcely visible foundations of a few buildings."

P.O. Est. September 20, 1869. Discontinued December 31, 1913, Re-established 1958.

Barnes, Will C.; Granger, Byrd (ed.) Arizona Place Names University of Arizona Press. 1960 P. 374

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