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"The town of Salome was established in late 1904 by Charles H. Pratt. Pratt was speculating on where the railroad would lay its tracks, and missed it by a mile so that the community had to be moved to its present location. In the venture with Pratt were Earnest and Dick Wick Hall, the latter a widely known wit. Dick Wick Hall was responsible for the story that the town was named because Mrs. Grace Salome  Pratt, on taking off her shoes, found the sand burned her feet, hence the slogan, "Salome where she danced."

P.O. Est. April 14, 1905.

Barnes, Will C.; Granger, Byrd (ed.) Arizona Place Names ,University of Arizona Press. 1960 p. 385

The railroad missed the town by a mile and the community had to be moved. Hall had so much trouble getting Post Office Department permission to move the mail service that the final application reads as follows: "One and a half miles closer to defeat," making the word defeat look like depot (which he wrote quite clearly a few lines further down on the form.) Salome Peak and Salome Wash have associated names. PO est. Feb. 21, 1905, Charles H. Pratt or Dick Wick Hall PM. Location changed Feb. 21, 1906."


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